Is it a cloud? A toy theatre? Or a piano?

Is it a kaleidoscope? Or a cinema screen?

Is this a concert? A live soundtrack? Or music made visible?

An airborne pianist who lifts his music up to the sky, to become a star.

Brings together music, theatre and film in a performance full of poetry and humour.
The show draws on the combined experience of composer David Moreno and a full film crew.


In FLOTEN TECLES David Moreno sings, plays the piano,  the percussion,all while floating six metres above the stage.
The lid of his grand piano becomes a cinema screen, showing a thirty-minute film.

The musician performs the soundtrack to the film live,
while at the same time interacting continuously with the characters and images that appear onscreen.

There’s music, theatre, film, special effects, humour and a touch of poetry.

35 minutes of surprises, unexpected effects and unique sensations,
with the sky as a stage and heaven as a backdrop.