ESSENCE was born as  A multidisciplinary tailored show

with the seal of  the quality hallmark of David Moreno&Cia.

Through rigour, self-demanding hard-work and responsibility, Essència has become a vital project.

We have all the ingredients. a creative team. hard-working, brilliant, and with proven experience.

And a clear idea.

Every ESSENCE is built on strong fundamentals, taking in integrating the creative value we achieve in every show. have accomplished previously. They all share a common framework, clearly identifiable recognizable, and they are all unique.


We demand  ourselves to delve into every project full inmersion, paying attention to each singular trait, resulting from an in-depth analysis and thorough field-work. We believe in the inspiration of the artist and the craftsmanship of the artisan.

Ours is a choral work in which everything is the most important thing.

We want a shocking  a striking and sensitive outcome, poetic and committed. We want to move and make the spectactor fall in love. the audience to be moved and to fall in love with our show.  An experience to remember. A spectacle performance.